Blush for Dark Skin Tones

Blush for Dark Skin Tones

It is no news that finding the perfect blush for dark skin tones is a daunting task. Your selection of blush can either make or break your entire makeup look, and that's why there is plenty to consider when making a purchase.

As a dark-skinned woman myself, I have run into chaotic blush situations, and I would love to save you the stress and panic of a similar experience. In today’s blog post, I will walk you through factors to consider before welcoming a new blush product into your makeup collection.

1. Know your skin type: Your choice of blush may vary depending on whether you have dry, combination, oily, or normal skin. Liquid blush has grown in popularity in the last few years, but is it really suitable for everyone? If you have oily skin, using liquid blush is likely to make your face appear oilier throughout the day, and the color may not hold up well (there are tricks to avoiding this, but we will go into detail another time). If you have dry skin, it is important to hydrate before applying makeup to avoid a cakey appearance; especially if you opt for powder blush. If you have combination skin, it's important to know which portion of your face is more oil prone. If it's your cheeks, you may also want to stay away from liquid blush. The girlies with normal skin just have it good! You really could lean either way.

    • Take a look at our guide here to discover your skin type

    2. What's your skill level: If you are still new to the makeup application process or like a very quick and easy process, powder blush is a better option to consider. Liquid blush can quickly go left if you have less experience or do not enjoy spending the extra time required to blend for a flawless finish. Powder blush is a lot easier to correct if you accidentally apply too much of it, unlike liquid blush.

    3. Shimmers vs matte finish preference: Do you prefer having that extra glow, or are you more of a matte finish girly? If you have very oily skin, using blush with shimmers can sometimes make you appear like a disco ball (speaking from experience). However, a shimmer blush can be a plus if you use both blush and highlighter in the same locations on your face and are pressed for space in your makeup kit; you’d get two products in one in this case. Matte blush would be a good option if you do not want the extra shimmers or if you do not mind having both blush and highlighter in your makeup kit. 

    Shimmer vs Matte Blush

    4. Know your skin tone: Darker skin tones tend to have warmer undertones. The most lovely blush colors that compliment dark tones are plums, oranges, deep peach and brick reds.

  • Visani blushes are matte, ultra rich, buildable, blendable with an amazing color payoff as seen in the video below.  

    Video courtesy of WSbeauty on Instagram.


    Bottom line: Learn more about your skin, do not be afraid to experiment and make mistakes, and discover your style of glam and your makeup preferences. Most importantly, shop Visani Beauty ;).  

    Stay Gorgeous, 

    Sade Nubi


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     Video courtesy @sade.nubi on Instagram.
     Video courtesy @wsbeauty on Instagram.


     Video courtesy @koliowigs on Instagram.


     Video courtesy @wsbeauty on Instagram.



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