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Welcome to The Visani Blog

My excitement at this moment of introducing you to The Visani Beauty Blog is out of this world. After years of contemplating and procrastinating, I have finally summoned the courage to start a beauty blog. This is a huge step for me!

A boatload of ideas and beauty inspirations that have been rolling in my head can’t wait to come out of the bag. I really hope you will accompany me on this new journey. 

Before making the final decision to write about all thing’s beauty, I asked myself a lot of questions and I’m sure you’re also wondering the same. Here are some of the reasons I decided to start The Visani Beauty Blog and what you can expect. 


Okay, so, why did I venture my blogging journey with a beauty blog?

Like many of us do from time to time, I’ve been reflecting on things that come naturally to me. I searched for answers to those “what would I really do with my life if I did not have to worry about money” type of questions. The topic of beauty seemed to be a common theme for the majority of my answers. 

My love for the beauty industry has been embedded in my heart since I was a child. I know, I know, how cliche. But I’m serious, growing up around women who consciously and subconsciously exposed me to the beauty industry at an early age has been a blessing (I will forever be grateful for that!). 

I have learned a lot from them. The skincare, makeup, hygiene, beauty routines, nails, hair, fashion, fragrances, and the list goes on…

I have always enjoyed dipping my toes into the beauty and fashion industry, and since then I have never looked back. I never stopped learning and immersing myself in the vast world of beauty and I never want to stop doing so. 

My passion for the beauty industry and broad knowledge (I still have tons to learn) became the motivation for me to start this blog.

Plus, I want to connect with people who have the same interests as me, AKA you since you’ve read this far; thank you!

What kind of blog posts should my readers expect?

Beauty-related content will be the main topic of my blog. You’ll see “How-To” topics and content about makeup, skincare routines, hygiene, traditional remedies, cosmetics, product reviews, the history of products and basically every and any type of content that comes under the umbrella of beauty.

I want The Visani Beauty Blog to be a platform where I feel comfortable sharing my honest experiences related to beauty and where all readers feel free to express their opinions as well!

What’s my plan to keep you coming to The Visani Blog?

As you know, the beauty niche is so broad and ever-changing, it would be extremely difficult for me to run out of ideas writing about beauty topics. 

My goal is to be as authentic as possible; I want it to feel like you’re reading a post from your best friend that is crazy about the beauty industry and has all the cool tips and tricks. 

You can be rest assured that everything I’d write or share here would be as real as possible. 

I hope to inspire you with my beauty-related ideas and want YOU to be my inspiration on my way to keeping this blog alive. 

There is so much to unravel and discover on this journey and I am so pleased that you have decided to be a part of it. So, get ready because we’re in this for a good time and a long time. Thanks so much for stopping by, babe! See you in my next blog post. 

Stay Gorgeous,

Sade Nubi 


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Thank you so much ST RONI; It’s going to be a fun journey! 😍

Sade Nubi

I love your products and I’m excited to try the looks you inspire 💗💗

St Roni

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